About PiE

I was asked in a yoga training, when do you feel most alive? I had never evaluated my habits, patterns and life choices with such perspective. It was clear in everything around me, in my career, friends, music, art and even my travels. I found the most joy when I was connecting with others. The word “yoga” means union , simply put its when we become more self-aware and feel unified in my mind, body and our life.

Walking into my first yoga class I had no idea what to expect, or how much it would change how I experienced my life. There was no major initial breakthrough or mind blowing epiphany, I just knew that I felt a hell of a lot better when I left than I did before I walked in. I felt a release of something, a sense of ease. Although getting to my mat, just like with anything in life can be a challenge, I have NEVER once walked out of class thinking. “I wish I hadn’t gone.” I knew that creating the experience was key to overcoming some of the barriers faced in obtaining mind
and body health.

What I learned on my mat started to tranced into every aspect of my life. I started to cultivate a deeper understanding for myself and so naturally a deeper level of compassion and understanding for others. The practice provided me with the tools necessary to ease the suffering I faced, and I became passionate about sharing that.

In 2016, I took a big leap of faith after completing my first required yoga certification and resigned form Kane County Court Services. I was blessed to be given an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the yoga industry by teaching and managing a local studio. After a few more certifications and some ups and downs, I was ready. My life experiences, the community and family life I had created around me, the heartbreak, the deaths, the laughter and the tears, all the ingredients were there to make the P.i.E. The PiEproject Foundation is a business driven by purpose, rich in applying movement, art and sound to offer growth and change. But most importantly, PiE is a movement, designed to create a deep understanding and connection to our life.

Jennifer Gullang

What began as physical fitness, quickly evolved into a lifestyle change. After 10 years working for the Court System her passion for yoga took her down a new path. As she set out on her new career, managing and teaching at a local yoga studio, she started to see some of the barriers and needs within the industry. She is driven by the belief that yoga can be a platform to impacting the optimal health of not only an individual, but an entire community. Her desire to influence the social identity and culture of yoga by increasing access and resources that clearly define the benefits of this powerful system has brought to life ThePiEproject.

Melina Landry

Melina began her yoga journey 15 years ago, practicing to supplement her dance training. She completed her yoga teacher training 3 years ago and began sharing her yoga practice with others. By teaching community based classes and volunteering at a Cook County Correctional facility, Melina’s desire to be involved in community outreach programs grew. Her mission to bring health and wellness to undeserved communities brought her to The PiEproject. With a unique background in dance and medical sciences her style incorporates mindful fluid movement and therapeutic assists. She is excited to incorporate her background, love for yoga, health and wellness as she continues through medical school.

Shaun Emerson

For over twenty-five years, Shaun was engaged in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial businesses. Most recently, he has dedicated his time to non-profit initiatives serving in board leadership positions for two local organizations. Seven years ago, Shaun was introduced to the transformational practice of yoga. Moved by the philosophy and the power of the practice, Shaun completed teacher training and has been guiding classes for over four years. Shaun believes ThePiEproject will be a force of change in the communities it serves.