About PiE

I was asked in a yoga teacher training class, when do you feel most alive? I had never evaluated my habits, patterns and life choices with such perspective. It was clear in everything around me, in my career, friends, music, art and even my travels. I found the most joy when I was connecting with others. The word “yoga” means union, and simply put it’s when we become more self-aware and feel unified in our mind, body and life.

Walking into my first yoga class I had no idea what to expect, or how much it would change the way I experienced my life. There was no major breakthrough or mind-blowing epiphany in that moment; I just knew that I felt a hell of a lot better than I had in a while. Over time the practice moved beyond the physical posture (asana), and became a mental and emotional support.

What I learned on my mat started to transcend into every aspect of my life. I started to cultivate a deeper understanding of myself and that understanding naturally created a deeper level of compassion and understanding for others. The practice provided me with the tools necessary to ease the suffering I faced, and I became passionate about sharing those tools.

So how did it all come together? In 2007, my desire to work with people led me to a career with Kane County Court Services.

In 2016 I took a big leap of faith after completing my first required yoga certification and resigned from my day to day job. I was blessed to be given an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the yoga industry by teaching and managing a local studio. I realized then that I wanted to create a business that could increase the opportunities for others interested in yoga. After a few more certifications and after overcoming some unforeseen life obstacles, I was ready to launch the PiEproject.

The PiEproject Foundation is a business driven to create change. It is a MOVEMENT designed to impact the way people connect to themselves, their lives and each other, for this is yoga!

Jennifer Gullang

What began as physical fitness, quickly evolved into a lifestyle change. After 10 years working for the Court System her passion for yoga took her down a new path. As she set out on her new career, managing and teaching at a local yoga studio, she started to see some of the barriers and needs within the industry. She is driven by the belief that yoga can be a platform to impacting the optimal health of not only an individual, but an entire community. Her desire to influence the social identity and culture of yoga by increasing access and resources that clearly define the benefits of this powerful system has brought to life ThePiEproject.

Maria Carollo

Maria discovered her first yoga class in 2005 looking for ways to mix up her regular fitness routine. Having a job that required a lot of travel, she began seeking out yoga classes while on the road to bring some grounding into her life. Everywhere she went, she appreciated how welcoming the yoga community was and the peace it offered after a busy day. In 2015, she made yoga her destination and traveled to Spain for an intense month of yoga training to achieve her 200-hour certification. Ever since, travel, yoga and the yoga community has remained a meaningful part of her life. Each year she joins yoga retreats in different countries as a time for self-reflection and an opportunity to learn from the amazing yogis she meets along the way. She’s excited to work with the PiEproject Foundation to share the physical and mental balance yoga brings to her with the broader community.

Lisa Giese Slisz

Lisa began her yoga journey in 2004 while working full-time and attending law school at night.  Over the last 15 years, Lisa’s practice has grown and she is expected to complete her 200 hour certification through Yoga Alliance in 2019.  Yoga and mindfulness training has allowed Lisa to decrease stress levels, assist with sleep issues and overall improve her quality of life. Lisa’s belief in the power of yoga and her passion for making it accessible to everyone brought her to The Pie Project.  Through her teaching, Lisa hopes to help others increase their physical and emotional well-being with breathing, meditation and the asanas.

Jamie Mosser

Jamie L. Mosser graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelors in political science.  She then attended law school at DePaul University College of Law where she received her Juris Doctorate and a Certificate in Criminal Law in 2002.  In November of 2005, she accepted a job at the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor.  She began her career in the Domestic Violence Unit. In October of 2009, she was made the head of the Domestic Violence Unit where she prosecuted misdemeanor and Felony crimes of Domestic Violence. In October of 2010, she was given the Partner in Peace Award by the Community Crisis Center.  In May of 2015, she left her job as a prosecutor to open up a law partnership with a friend and colleague, Kimberley Crum Klein. She maintained her commitment to helping victims in the Domestic Violence Community by providing free or reduced legal services and by being a board member for Mutual Ground, a local domestic violence shelter.  In 2017, she was awarded the Kane County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Award.  In March of 2017, she closed her private practice and joined Prairie State Legal Services as a staff attorney.  At Prairie State Legal Services, she was assigned to assist with survivors Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault with family law cases, protective orders, Title IX matters, and victim advocacy in criminal cases.  In January of 2019, she opened a real estate firm with her husband, Mosser & Eisenmenger Law. Jamie joined the PiEproject Board of Directors May, 2019.

Shaun Emerson

For over twenty-five years, Shaun was engaged in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial businesses. Most recently, he has dedicated his time to non-profit initiatives serving in board leadership positions. Seven years ago, Shaun was introduced to the transformational practice of yoga. Moved by the philosophy and the power of the practice, Shaun completed teacher training and has been guiding classes for over four years. Shaun believes ThePiEproject will be a force of change in the communities it serves.