Do No Harm

Become aware of how negative talk, bias and false beliefs can harm creative possibilities.

This is organization is not about having or not having, its about really seeing ourselves in others, and in the communities we live. Becoming aware of when our patterns, thoughts and behaviors are causing harm. Even in business its easy to get lost. 

In October 2018 we had our first social awareness project with Mutual Ground. I had a lot I wanted to get across for the first class, but as I stood at the front of the room, 40 plus beautiful humans looking my way, I was filled with emotions and thought….just give them yoga:)

A recap of our first Social Awareness Project with Mutual Ground at the Bureau Gravity:

2 years ago, while still under construction, I had walked through the Gravity Building here in Aurora, and put into the universe that I would create something here. Then to finally be in that very moment was incredible. I built the first class up to get into the full expression of #wild-thing/#Camatkarasana. Those that know me personally know there is a definite wild side to me. My yoga practice has taught me to embrace it, while creating a new awareness around the harm that can come from it at times. My wildness has not changed, it has just softened a bit into creativeness.

So if you are wondering..
Why yoga?  Why Aurora? Why ThePiEproject? It’s simple..

All have changed the way I am experiencing my life. I wanted to invest back into the community that helped build who I am. It is my social responsibility to create a way to positively impact the world around me.

We live in a world driven by the “self.” Individuality is beautiful, but at what point does it start to break apart our social awareness and obligation to one another. At what point is the work we do selfish and so can lose its purpose? Becoming aware of the harm that my own wants and need can have on the big picture has stirred up an absolute need for even ThePiEproject to have restraints to ensure “Do No Harm.”

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