The PiEproject Presents: 


2 Floors of Color, Art & Sound

Experience a mindfully crafted yoga, sound, and meditation session with featured live DJ Rj Pickens, and participate in an interactive art experience with Artists BOJITT and Jola Soares by creating a unique piece that will be divided into sections. Rehydrate with fresh juices from Garden2Glass, and kick start the rest of the evening with a signature cocktail using your juice of choice.

As you move through Mixology, explore the blown glass exhibit by featured Artists from Murano Midwest, and enjoy a creative fusion of live music and art in 116 Gallery, with music by the Amber Tour and art by artists BOJITT. Entering into the second level, experience vibrant colors and digital sound with featured DJ Not So Famous, and add your very own touch of color to The PiEproject canvas.

Throughout the evening view artwork and creative designs on the first level, and explore Aveda’s Chakra Sensory Journey with sounds by featured DJ Sargon Yalda.

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