We support the practice, philosophy, and benefits of yoga by creating diversified and inclusive opportunities for experienced and beginning practitioners.


ThePiEproject is about people experiencing how they can live more purposefully in their mind and body while supporting others in their community. Why Yoga? Yoga is a proven therapeutic device for personal change. It increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration and calms the nervous system.

Further, yoga has been shown to enhance social well-being through a sense of belonging to others and improve the symptoms of depression, attention deficit, and sleep disorders. Through the PiEproject, yoga becomes more purposeful to the consumer in that it serves as a platform to not only support the individual practitioner but creates access and resources for others.


The PiEproject delivers mind and body health through fusion fitness classes, yoga sessions and unique movement, art, and sound experiences. Our services are rooted in creating a conscious collective community that provides various workshops, training, education, and holistic living solutions.


Our aim is to include resources that educate and make the value of mind and body health ridiculously clear and accessible to everyone. Our service offerings are simple and based on the following elements: Quiet, Breath, Talk, Move and Really Move. Our support will create justifiable rates for people in the community so that they can grow into appreciating the value of yoga, self-care and caring for the community.


ThePiEproject will provide affordable mind and body wellness services that focus on creating a conscious collective community through yoga, fusion fitness, workshops, training, education, and holistic living solutions.